Pull Out Testing, Anchor Bolt and Ringbolt Testing Equipment Rutland

Pull Out Testing Rutland use the range of Hydrajaws® portable testers and accessories for establishing the holding force of anchors and fixings in most construction materials.

Pull Out Testing engineers are proficient in the use of Hydrajaws® products and have undertaken their training scheme and received certificates of competence which are recognized by local authorities and others in the industry.

Heavy Duty Pull Out Testing Rutland

Heavy Duty Testing:
The 145Kn Hydrajaws model 2008 tester is used to meet the demand for proof load testing of larger construction fixings. The heavy duty tester can be applied to the testing of anchorage for crash barriers on highways, safety fences for stadium crush barriers and bridge parapet anchors.

Medium Duty Tension Tester Pull Out Testing Surrey

Medium Duty Tension Tester:
Our engineers in Rutland are able to confirm the holding power of anchors in most construction materials using the medium duty tension tester, either for the purpose of establishing safe working loads or to validate the correct installation of existing fixings. The tensile load of up to 25kN is applied to the fixing mechanically and hydraulics are used to register the load through an accurate analog gauge which makes the testing very accurate.

Scaffold Testing Kit Pull Out Testing Sussex

Scaffold Testing Kit:
Following the NASC/CFA guidance note (TG4:04) we are able to test the anchorage systems for scaffolding to check the suitability and allowable loads of an anchor type in a particular base material and check that anchors have been installed correctly. This test is to be carried out on all scaffolding.

Eye and Ringbolt Testing Pull Out Testing London

Eye and Ringbolt Testing in Rutland:
Our engineers are able to test each structural anchorage, after installation which should be submitted to an axial pull out force of 6kN to confirm the soundness of the fixing. This service is for testing safety harness bolts and can be applied to ladder restraint hooks and most bolts in concrete and masonry.

Safety Lifeline Testing Pull Out Testing London, Rutland

Safety Lifeline Testing:
Working in conjunction with installers of safety systems using flexible anchor lines we are able to test equipment to the requirements of the new standard BS EN 795 to ensure full compliance with the Directive for Personal Protective Equipment.

Material Bond Testing Pull Out Testing Sussex Surrey

Material Bond Testing:
We are able to test a wide variety of materials for their bonding strengths. The materials testing service we provide can be used for concrete, screeds, repair mortars, epoxy resin coatings, laminates, plastics, paints and enamels.

Wall tie Testing Pull Out Testing UK

Wall tie Testing in Rutland:
Our engineers are able to test wall ties to ensure correct load capacity and that they have locked into place properly and to determine strength. This type of testing gives you long term guarantees and peace of mind.

Long Stroke Testing Pull Out Testing London

Long Stroke Testing:
Long Stroke Testing is able to determine the strength and suitability of fixings such as roofing screws in built-up roofing constructions where performance data is unavailable.

Tension Meter Pull Out Testing London, Surrey, Sussex, Rutland

Tension Meter:
We provide this service in Rutland for testing wire ropes that used for fall-arrest systems, strain measurement of rigging, guy ropes, tower and mast supports, and checking the security of crimped/swaged end fittings as applied to wire ropes.



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